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Long-fibre chemical pulp from sustainable Nordic forests

Long-fibre chemical pulp from sustainable Nordic forests

KaiCell Fibers Oy/Ltd is a company funded by private investors and the Regional Council of Kainuu (Kainuun Liitto) with the objective of building and operating a state-of-the-art pulp (NBSK) and bioproducts mill in Paltamo, Finland.

As we approach the implementation stage, the ownership base will be broadened to ensure that financing can be secured for this substantial over a billion project.

The Kainuu region is exceptional in having a surplus supply of Nordic fibre wood, while offering an industry friendly location in Paltamo along with cost-effective logistics to world markets.

Finland is a recognised world leader in pulp and paper technology, and already exports over 13 million tonnes of paper, board and chemical pulp annually.

The Paltamo mill represents a rare opportunity to harness Finland’s forest resources in a new and very profitable way. The wood required for an annual production of 600,000 ADMT can be sourced from the immediate region (ProxiWood concept).

The Forest gives!


Our project

The Paltamo pulp and bioproducts mill is set to produce 600 000 ADMT/a of bleached northern chemical pulp (mainly NBSK). 

Sustainable local wood procurement - ProxiWood

Sustainable local wood procurement - ProxiWood

Kainuu’s sustainable harvesting potential covers the mill’s raw material requirements inside a tight radius that ensures optimal cost efficiency and minimal haulage emissions.

Host enterprise for bioeconomy pioneers

Host enterprise for bioeconomy pioneers

In line with the latest forest industry thinking, the Paltamo mill will be a host to companies wishing to operate in an ecosystem offering the substantial benefits of a modern mill site. New and existing bioproducts can greatly benefit from the side streams, byproducts, infrastructure and energy surplus offered by the host enterprise.

Map of Europe, Location of Paltamo

We believe that Paltamo is the ideal location for a new NBSK mill!

  • Finland’s political stability and forest industry tradition
  • The Kainuu region offers long-term harvestable fibre wood of true Nordic quality
  • ProxiWood sourcing keeps the mill profitable and energises the local economy
  • Mill output optimally balanced against wood cost and economies of scale
  • Finland’s export logistics for pulp&paper are world class and world spanning
  • Enthusiastic local support for the mill, because of its value to the region’s economy, both directly and indirectly

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